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If you own a business or just have a great idea and you don’t know what Pay-Per-Click also known as PPC advertising is all about, well you’re in for a surprise.

The great thing about PPC is that you can generate this new business within under 24 hours and in some cases we have generated qualified leads for clients within just a few hours of a Campaign going live.

Within this section of the website we share an overview into the various aspects of pay per click advertising. We cover such topics as the various advertising platforms for paper click from Google ad words, Bing PPC, Yahoo PPC, Banner Advertising

Notice: Now for those that have dabbled with PPC already or even if you are more advanced stick around check this page out.

For those that don’t know, Pay Per Click advertising allows to place tiny ads in various locations on the Internet where highly targeted prospects are already showing interest in products, services or information related to what your company offers.

For as low as $20- $50 a day, a small laser targeted campaign can generate targeted new business for your company in the form of new customer’s clients or sales in as little as 24 hours or less.

Sounds Great Right – What Can Go Wrong?

The problem is, that you’re not the only one that sees the value in doing this. PPC competition can be fierce.

An improperly set up campaign without PPC expertise will result in poor ad placement and poor ROI.


Instead Of Wasting Time & Money Seek Out Professional Help

By working with a PPC specialist, we will create a winning campaign utilizing the current best practices in a systematic approach to building a winning campaign.

Our in-house PPC campaign management specialist will get you up and running quickly with the expertise that you‘ll need to make PPC effective for your business

A Brief Overview of How We Optimize Campaigns

We use a specific process that has proven itself effective over the years. It involves setting up several similar campaigns with tracking and analytics software setup correctly.

Our methodical process allows us to measure the performance of the campaign and make the needed tweaks based upon the data we make the necessary adjustments without going into the negative an optimize campaigns for ROI in a shirt amount of time.

To optimize your ROI, we split test various headlines and sales copy and images and test various landing pages until we find the winning combinations.

Our methodical approach will ensure your campaigns achieve the highest click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate (CV). Our approach raises your quality score which results in premium Ad placement and in turn gives you much better ROI.

PPC Domination Strategy

From more advanced clients with larger needs, our premium PPC service provides you with an in-depth report of your competitors advertising strategies and ad history on a local and national level. By understanding what ad campaigns have consistently performed better than others based on hard data we will have a clear understanding of how to create a long-term winning PPC domination strategy for your project.

How We Save You Money & Get You Excellent Results

We provide expert level PPC campaigns that combine a completely scale-able process. This process allows your company to start with a smaller daily budget (ad spend) to see how a smaller campaign is working for you with a minimal investment or risk on your part.

Our PPC project management service takes care of all the technical work and removes any stress or worry from your mind.

Our proven system makes the entire process a stress free lucrative process you can enjoy instead of wondering if you are just wasting time and money.

Where to Go From Here?

If you’re serious about getting results online quickly and you would like a professional PPC campaign set up for your business, click the link below to find out how to get started now.

Our team works with our clients to help them better understand the online marketplace for their specific industry. We generate a comprehensive market report on a local level as well as a national level. Be sure to check out our Hawaii business and marketing consultation page to set up an appointment.